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For many ladies, body shape and size is a crucial factor in building and developing their confidence and self-belief. As breast enlargement becomes an ever more attractive option, women feel empowered and able to choose the shape and size that they have always wanted. When visiting Dr. Placik at our private practice, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your dreams a reality.

There are many reasons why women choose to go large. Although the common perception is that many procedures are to increase size, the reality is that after pregnancy some women may want a confidence boost, or perhaps they feel that they are not symmetrical in size or shape. The reasons behind your choice of  doesn’t matter; our priority is that you are delighted with the results and that your self-esteem, and self-image drastically increase.

Our entire team of staff are passionate about our patient’s happiness; from the very first phone call to the last time you leave surgery, we aim to provide you with all of the support, information, and advice that you require. We don’t place any time limits on our consultations, as far as we are concerned the initial consultation and discussions are not complete until our patient is happy, and has all of the information required.

We don’t try to dazzle you with scientific expertise, but rather we prefer to explain the various procedures and options to you, in simple everyday language, so that you have sufficient information to make a clear and informed choice. We never forget that this is your body, and ultimately the priority is and always will be your health and happiness.

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Breast Implants and Safe Surgery

Breast augmentation involves surgery, and as with all forms of surgery, there are certain risks involved. To minimize those risks, potential candidates for should be in good physical health, and it is important that your body has stopped developing. In most cases, this will be at or around the age of 18. The ultimate aim of any procedure is for a fast and satisfactory recovery, which is why we do not recommend this for anyone suffering from chronic medical conditions. Changing your appearance should always be a personal choice, that the patient wants, rather than to please a partner.

Our friendly staff will also give you a full explanation of the operations including any potential risks. We want you to have realistic expectations; for instance, should you want to move from an “A” cup bra size to a “DD,” there may not be sufficient tissue to accomplish this and leave a natural look. In this circumstance, for instance, the edges could become visible, and the results will not look natural. Additionally, this increases the risk of other complications or problems. Depending on your requirements, we might even suggest other procedures, rather than a breast augmentation if we feel that is a preferential option due to your personal circumstances.

Things To Take Into Consideration When
Contemplating Getting Plastic Surgery

Not everything is identical, and there are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing the type of implant you want. 

  • Smoother implants are much more likely to harden over time, than the textured variety
  • Textured, however, are more prone to creating a ripple effect which then changes the presentation of the skin
  • You can choose to have them placed under or above the muscle. Choosing to have them under the muscle generally, increases the level of pain felt immediately after the operation. However, when choosing under the muscle, patients tend to suffer less from capsule contracture. Capsule contracture is a protective lining created by the body around the implant. It is a typical reaction, but over time the capsule tends to shrink. The more the capsule shrinks, the firmer the breast feels.
  • Although the chances of infection or bleeding are rare, they are still something that needs to be taken into consideration.

Breast Augmentation Incision Options

There are some different ways that the operation can be performed. This is one of the most important points of discussion that will take place between Dr. Placik and you. All of the decisions are linked, so the first thing that you will decide is the size, shape profile, texture, and substance used. There are two primary types used – saline and silicone.

The priority with any procedure is to ensure that the patient is happy with the result, and a significant part of that discussion and decision is how to minimize the visible scarring after the operation.

There are three main options available to a surgeon

  • Transaxilliary – This is where the initial cut and subsequent scar is located in a crease in the armpit.
  • Inframammary – This is where the incision is made underneath the tissue where it meets the chest wall
  • Periareolar – The incision is made in the lower area of the areola (the colored part that encircles the nipple)

Silicone Versus Saline Breast Implants

The simple answer is that there is no clear winner when it comes to the silicone versus saline debate. If there were a clear winner between the two choices, then everyone would choose the same one. The fact that there remains a choice demonstrates that each option has benefits and negatives. Let’s examine each material in greater detail.


Saline implants are inserted empty, before being filled up in situ. The big advantage that this brings is that the incisions can be much smaller. Although the failure rate of either type is statistically very small, if a saline one leaks, the breast will visibly decrease in size, alerting the patient to the fact that there is a problem. Although studies have found that both types are completely safe, some women feel more confident with saline, because saline is a natural product which can be safely absorbed by the body should it rupture. They also tend to be slightly cheaper than the silicone alternatives.

The biggest drawback to them is that they are widely regarded as looking and feeling less natural than silicone. Saline are firmer and give a more rounded look than silicone. This is the only major negative, but for many women who are trying to go for over how the feel, this can be significant. The decision is an entirely personal matter and one that can and should be discussed with your surgeon.

Silicone Implant

Silicone has become the slightly more popular choice for most women because the substance itself is very close to the feel and consistency of real tissue. It feels a little squishy and can change shape, but it also is firm and will return to its original shape.

Compared to saline, silicone are also much less likely to ripple. Imagine a placid lake when a breeze or slightly stronger wind blows across it. This type of ripple effect can be experienced by women with saline implants, especially when there is very little natural tissue.

Due to the material used in silicone, they are much less likely to exhibit the signs of rippling, which for many women is a deal breaker. However, as you might have anticipated there are some negative aspects to choosing silicone.

Silicone is a more expensive product to produce than naturally occurring saline water, so expect to pay about $1000 more. The size of the incisions and type of the incisions may be affected because they come pre-filled. This means that the hole the surgeon must make has to be larger.

Another negative is that although it is unlikely, if they do rupture or start to leak, this process is prolonged, which means that it could be a relatively long time before the patient is even aware of the leakage. Although there is no evidence to suggest this will cause any health risks, it may eventually lead to pain, or change the shape and size. Once a problem is discovered, patients will need to have the implant removed or replaced immediately.

It is impossible to answer all of the questions you might have about our procedures, recovery times, or insurance coverage for instance, which is why we always recommend a proper consultation at our office. However, we also understand that there are some frequently asked questions that we are regularly asked so here are some of those questions.

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How Should I Select a Plastic Surgeon that Specializes
in Breast Surgery?

The most important thing to do when choosing a surgeon is to take your time. Plastic surgery is a very personal operation, and it is imperative that you have total faith and confidence in the surgeon you choose. Arrange a meeting with the surgeon, and during the process evaluate their team, the facilities, and ask to view some before and after pictures of previous patients.

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Question

In our opinion, the consultation is one of, if not the most important parts of the process. This enables you as the patient to explain your requirements and provides you with the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. It also provides the surgeon with the opportunity to guide and advise you, on the best options available to you. We highly encourage you to schedule your consultation with Dr. Placik.

Absolutely, in fact, we actively encourage it, as many times patients are nervous and forget to ask some of the questions they want the answers to. Because a friend or family member is not so emotionally involved, they can help the process, and ask some of the questions you had for you. The only thing a family member or friend is not permitted to do is to make the final decision to have the surgery. This is a decision that only you can make.

The answer to this question is dependent on the reasons for the surgery. If the surgery is being completed for purely cosmetic reasons, then it will not be covered by insurance. On the other hand, if the surgery is being performed for reconstructive purposes, then this may be either partially or fully covered by insurance. Our customer service team can advise and assist with the application process should your operation fall within the guidelines. More information on this topic can be found on our blog.

Our success and satisfaction rate is extremely high. Indeed the vast majority of our new clients come from personal recommendations. Revision surgery is very rare, and in our case, it is less than 2 percent per year.

We have a significant number of patients who are more than happy to talk to potential clients about their positive experiences with our clinic. If you would like to speak to any of them, we would be only too happy to arrange this.

The good news is that breast feeding is not affected by breast augmentation with most women being able to breastfeed without any issues after surgery. It is important to be aware that breastfeeding and pregnancy can alter the shape of your breasts, so it is important to consider this.

This is an excellent question and one that we discuss during your consultation. When you are booking a routine mammogram, go to a radiology center where the technicians have experience in dealing with breast implants. Additional views will need to be taken, which is why you need to choose the clinic wisely.

This falls into the category of false internet rumor. The only time an implant needs to be changed is if it ruptures, which is a highly unlikely situation. The cast majority of women will never require any revisions, and effectively live out their lives with their original implants.

Gravity is a constant, as so generally speaking your implants will react the same way your natural breasts would; healthy aging will occur. However, on a positive note implants do tend to hold their shape longer and better than if the operation hadn’t taken place.

It is important to understand that we are unable to answer all of the questions you may have on our website, so our advice is to write down a list of questions and bring them with you to your consultation. Here at BIC, we take great pride in your understanding and happiness. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. We have many thousands of satisfied customers, and we look forward to providing you with a positive and life changing experience.

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