Breast Lift

Breast lifts are a popular cosmetic surgery that many women have each year. Sometimes, women choose to undergo breast lift surgery to enhance their natural features, or to restore the look of the breasts to look more youthful. Breast lift surgery is not unlike other types of surgery in that there is much pre-op work to be done and the recovery period can take a long time to pass for some patients. However, many women will report that having the surgery changed their lives and their self-esteem for the better.

What is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation?

A breast lift is suitable for women who are happy with the overall size of their breasts but want to improve the look of sagging that has developed. Breast augmentation actually increases the volume or size of the breast, in addition to altering the shape of the breast. Even though a breast lift is not intended to add volume, the improvements after surgery tend to make breasts look slightly larger than they were before because of the reshaping of the breasts. Depending on the type of results you are looking for, a combination of breast augmentation and lifting might be required. If you want to reduce the size of your breasts a breast reduction, which is exactly as it sounds, plus a breast lift can produce the results you desire. It’s important to understand what you hope to get out of your surgery when you speak to a plastic surgeon. Setting expectations is an essential part of your procedure so that you don’t have to undergo multiple surgeries to get the look you had hoped for in the beginning.

Why You Should Consider Breast Lift Surgery

While you might think that a breast lift is purely cosmetic, many psychological factors are considered when a woman decides to undergo a breast lift. It’s important for a woman to come to a decision on her own, and she shouldn’t feel pressured by others to have the surgery. Often, women seek breast augmentation to be more desirable to their partners or the opposite sex, but in order to benefit from the surgery in a fulfilling way, the woman should want to have the surgery to meet her own needs first.

Typically, a boob lift is appropriate for women of all ages, provided they are in good health. If a patient has lost a significant amount of weight and their breasts are experiencing an overabundance of sagging, a breast lift can improve the overall look and firmness of the breasts. If weight loss has occurred, the patient may need to ensure their weight is stable for some time before being a good candidate for the surgery. If a woman has seen natural sagging over the years, she too may be a good candidate for surgery.

The Risks Associated with Breast Lift Surgery

As with any invasive surgery, a breast lift is not without its risks. However, thanks to today’s modern surgical approaches, healing time is quite rapid, and women can expect to be back to their regular routines within weeks of surgery. Initially, patients will experience pain and swelling at the incision site, and as the incisions heal, the skin may feel tight and be sensitive. Over-the-counter painkillers are often enough to manage the discomfort patients experience post-surgery. Because there is no muscle involved in the surgery and the surgery does not require deep incisions, many women report feeling better after only a few days. However, it is a good idea to take some time away from work to heal correctly and reduce the risk of infection.

Other risks associated with surgeries such as a breast lift include bleeding and infection at the incision site, as well as throughout the body. Some women may experience mild scarring once the surgical site has healed, but generally, the visible scars are minimal. You can expect some mild to moderate bruising in the area of the incisions as well, but this will start to dissipate after some time. We will provide you with a list of signs and symptoms related to infection, so you can keep an eye out for that following your surgery. Dealing with any signs of infection is important to maintain overall health and ensure that necrosis (death of the tissue) does not occur in the surgical site.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift

Patients enjoy numerous benefits of undergoing a breast lift surgery including increased self-esteem and positive body image following the surgery. Many women report feeling younger, and they feel better about themselves overall. What’s more, depending on the amount of sagging that has taken place, some women may find relief in carrying around excess skin in their chest area.

The Process of Having a Breast Lift

There are a number of approaches surgeons take to reduce the amount of sagging present in breasts. One approach is to reduce the amount of tissue surrounding the nipple and areola. Another approach is to remove tissue below the areola and make an incision toward the bottom of the breast to reduce the look of scarring. A third approach is to move the nipple and areola and reduce the amount of tissue surrounding it. Depending on your complaint related to your breasts, we will work with you to determine the best approach to help improve the look and feel of your breasts to ensure you are happy with the results.

Final Considerations

Remember, a breast lift is not going to change the size of your breasts. It is meant to reduce the sagging that has occurred in the breasts or to help reshape them into a more desirable shape for the patient. Many people confuse a breast lift with augmentation, so it’s important to differentiate between the two procedures.

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