Breast Augmentation Insurance Coverage - Is Plastic Surgery Covered by Health Insurance?
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Insurance Coverage

Obtaining breast implants is probably the most common plastic surgery procedure among women, especially in the Chicago area.  Many women just want the aesthetic look of having larger breasts. Some women have lost a lot of weight and would like to celebrate their success. Others just feel self-conscious because this part of the body did not develop during puberty as one had hoped.

One of the major questions of women who come into the office is whether or not they can afford the cost of the procedure.  They, of course, want them done by a reputable surgeon. On the contrary, they are worried about the price tag when they have other more imminent, pressing concerns with bills and mortgages.

It can be a relief when we explain to patients that insurance can cover breast implants. It depends on the person’s plan, but many companies understand that the procedure needs to be performed safely.

With many women traveling to third world countries for these procedures, the insurance companies recognize that the risks can be greater overseas. And in other countries where one is not a resident, the follow-up can be minimal. That means that if an infection happens, it occurs on North American soil. It is important that these emergencies are treated due to the risk of blood poisoning and even death.

Women who have gone through breast cancer know that a mastectomy can be a bit traumatizing. In these instances, insurance companies are required to provide breast implants if they cover the mastectomy. Even in the case of a lumpectomy, this is a routine procedure that health insurance companies have to cover.

Also, if there has been an accident or an injury, the insurance company will cover the implants. In any event, where reconstruction is needed, the breast implants are covered by insurance.

Even in the case of surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, the operation can be financed through payment plans that the plastic surgeon often offers. These plans mean that people can pay in regular installments that are affordable for their budget.

Breast implants often increase the self-esteem of the individual. The person might feel that this surgery has given them a new lease on life. They often go forward to do other things that they were previously holding back on accomplishing.

There are a variety of reasons that a person wants breast implants. The person might have very personal reasons that the individual might not even want to reveal to anyone. A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help that person to understand why the procedure is desired. Often these sessions are revolutionary and show unconscious matters that the individual never confronted before. When the reason is brought to light, then the procedure is easy to move forward with.

Getting breast implants is a personal decision. Even after trauma where reconstruction is needed, some women hesitate. However, these surgeries have helped millions of women move on with their lives. There is no stigma in getting the medical attention that a person deserves or improving on a feature of the body that one is unhappy with.

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