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Chicago Breast Revision. We can correct any botched breast procedures.

Have you fallen victim to a botched breast augmentation procedure? We are committed to providing you with the ultimate breast correction surgery and patient care experience.

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Fixing a Botched Procedure | Implant Removal & Revision

Often, there are women who will go overseas and try to save money on their breast augmentation surgery. The only problem with this is that you are setting yourself up for a disaster operation. Now of course there are some cases where there have been women going over seas and receiving phenomenal plastic surgery; however, it’s very difficult to find information about many of the surgeons simply because you are not from the area. Heck, you may not even speak the same language they do, so why take the risk?

If you have found yourself in a situation where you have a botched surgery, we can perform an implant removal and replacement. This will essentially be a complete revision of your breast augmentation.

On the contrary, there are a number of reasons a woman might decide to have her breast implants removed. These range from cosmetic reasons to health reasons. Over time, skin can lose its natural elasticity, and it can change the way your boobs look and feel to a woman. When you decide it’s time to have your erase the past, there are a few things to consider to make sure you know your options and understand the processes behind having implants removed.

Some women want to remove their implants because they no longer want larger breasts. Some women don’t like the way their chest look as they get older, and even more, will say that they want to have even smaller bust size. Some women might need to have their breast implants removed because of trauma to the area, or for other medical reasons such as breast cancer or health conditions that have arose over the years since getting their implants.

Options After Implant Removal

Sometimes, women might opt to have their breasts lifted after having their implants removed because the skin has become stretched due to the implants being in place for so long. What’s more, some women might want to have scars removed from previous surgeries or have their breasts made even smaller with a lift. If you are in the Chicago are and you are leaning toward having your implants removed, consider what you want to do afterward. There are several factors that might contribute to your decision to have a breast lift:

  • Excess skin after the implant is removed: this can be removed at the same time as the implant or later if it is determined to be uncomfortable for you.
  • The location of the breasts after implants have been removed: breasts might sit much lower on the chest after removal.
  • The location of the nipple before and after the implant has been removed: some women want the nipple to be in the middle and surgery can correct this.
  • Weight gain or loss since the implant was placed, and then after it has been removed: weight can shift breast implants.
  • As well as other factors to discuss with your doctor.

Procedure Details

Removing your silicone breast implants can be done on an outpatient basis. This is a relatively easy procedure to complete, provided you are healthy to undergo surgery. A small incision is made on the underside of the breast, and the implant is carefully removed. Capsules which hold the implants in place are removed as well. After inspection of the surgical site, the area can be trimmed of any excess skin to create an optimal look. Depending on whether or not you opted to have your breast reduced in size or lifted, this can be done at this time as well.


Recovery time is about two weeks, provided everything goes as planned, and many activities should be avoided during the healing time to ensure no complications arise. Women should plan to take some time off work if they are working and get some help around the house for everyday things like cleaning and household chores. Lifting and strenuous activity is not recommended, and pain can be managed with prescription medication during the first few weeks of recovery. As well, some women like to wear a compression garment around the chest to keep the pain to a minimum and avoid any unforeseen accidents, like bumping into walls or doors while walking.

What to Expect After Surgery

Once you have recovered from the first few weeks after surgery, you will notice the scarring on the surgical area has decreased significantly and will continue to decrease over time. Most women will tell you that they don’t mind the scars because they look and feel much better than before.

If you are interested in discussing this procedure removal, and you are in the Chicago area, contact us today. We will be happy to talk to you about your options and provide you with some more information about the procedure and recovery.

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